It's Netflix's sickest (and probably most mysterious) movie, but it's a hit around the world

It's Netflix's sickest (and probably most mysterious) movie, but it's a hit worldwide

By Ilana Levy Editor Ilana is a journalist passionate about films and series, but also and above all astrology. She grew up with Disney Channel and is certainly the future wife of Nick Jonas. His secret passion: crime documentaries on Netflix. Netflix knows how to surprise with its foreign productions that immerse us in different universes. This time, the platform has bet on a film in which lies are key to the plot. Between deceptions and mysterious disappearance, this film has everything it takes to intrigue and it seems to touch subscribers.

Netflix productions are proof that you don't need a big star cast to be a hit. Even if Jennifer Lopez remains number 1 in the most badass role of her career with The Mother, the number 2 film in France and in the world, is Double Vice. This Dutch production comes to overshadow all the novelties of the platform.

Infidelity and disappearance

Double Viceis not a simple thriller about a disappearance since it reveals how dangerous lies can be. In this film, we follow Bodil and Isabel, two friends who are hiding a dark secret. While they both seem happy in their life as a couple, they use an alibi to deceive their spouses (yes, yes, a very unhealthy film in the end). They slip away for several weekends to go live their extramarital affairs, each on their own.

But one day, everything will not happen as foreseen. Isabel disappears when she was supposed to be with Bodil. The latter will quickly find herself trapped in her lies and will not know what to do to secure her back. Double Viceis a real thriller in which we navigate between investigation and lies and it can only intrigue.

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A wild success

What if Double Vice was the next AKA ? The French film starring Alban Lenoir has only just been dethroned to number one on the Netflix charts by The Mother, but it broke all records for a non-English language film . Double Vice is not doing as well as him yet, but everything can be decided in the next few days. It was released two days ago and is already number 2 in the world rankings.

Double Vice is quite easy to watch and the acting of the actresses, Bracha van Doesburgh and Elise Schaap, is quite good. They plunge us very quickly into a dark and mysterious atmosphere. In short, it's the perfect movie to watch this weekend.