Its online sales increase fourfold

Ses ventes en ligne quadruplent

The businesswoman and nutritionist Isabelle Huot saw its online sales soar during the pandemic to the point where she had to change of local emergency to be able to meet the demand.

“My online sales have quadrupled since mid-march. It has exploded in. We had to adjust by automating the inventory process and logistics “, shared Isabelle Huot, who sells dishes bearing his name and the name of Kilo Solution in the store.

Since the 1st of June, the entrepreneur has had to move into a new space of The Île-des-soeurs to be able to increase its production capacity and accelerate the preparation of its orders to satisfy its customers.

“During the COVID-19, we had to ride three receptionists to take orders. There was, for example, older people who preferred to do the phone “, she illustrated.

Less salads

That said, other sectors of its business have not been spared by the effects of the pandemic, which came and eat up some market share.

“I have other business units that have experienced falls significant, as my salads-meals sold in grocery stores, because these were products that people bought to go in the office,” she continued.

At some point during the confinement, the business woman has even had to cease production of its salads, but it has to start over.

“My snacks have also seen a decline because these were products that parents bought for kids who go to school,” explained the doctor in nutrition.

For clinical consultations, the fall has also been considerable. “We offered the online consultations, but this is not all the world who wanted to see his nutritionist télépratique “, she concluded.

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