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“It's over, I'm stopping everything”: furious at being accused of plagiarism, Ed Sheeran threatens to stop music

By Guillaume Narduzzi Music editor After several detours through the world of cultural journalism, Guillaume ended up specializing in French rap and techno. Always watching an obscure series or listening to a questionable remix, he is interested in everything. And much to nothing.

Ed Sheeran is currently on trial. Ed Sheeran, is in the middle of a trial in New York where he is accused of plagiarism with his song “Thinking out loud”…

The English singer is accused of plagiarism for his title “Thinking Out Loud”. Sauce fanatic Ed Sheeran unveils his own line of spicy condiments. ©…

This is not the first time that he has found himself in court for a similar case. Ed Sheeran at the premiere of the miniseries “Ed Sheeran: A…

What to test the 32-year-old musician. Ed Sheeran leaving court in New York. Ed Sheeran is accused of plagiarism by Marvin Gaye's family. New…

He declared that he could “stop everything” if he was found guilty. Ed Sheeran at the 'Ed Sheeran: A Sum Of It All' miniseries premiere in New… .jpg” alt=”"It's over, I'm quitting everything": furious at being accused of plagiarism, Ed Sheeran threatens to quit music” />

His new album named “Subtract” on Friday May 5th. His last lap? Ed Sheeran leaving court in New York. Ed Sheeran is accused of… See all 17 photos Global pop superstar Ed Sheeran has made a most astonishing claim. Currently in full trial for a plagiarism of which he is accused, the artist affirmed that he was on the point of “leaving the music”. From there to considering an early retirement for the 32-year-old singer?

It's a real thunderbolt in the global music industry. One of the most popular singers on the planet could decide to slam the door and afford a particularly early retirement at the age of 32. The latter is none other than Ed Sheeran. Indeed, the illustrious singer, who became the father of his second child, threatens to end his career if he loses his lawsuit for plagiarism.

The case is currently pending and being argued in a New York court. It opposes the artist to Kathryn Townsend Griffin, the daughter of Ed Townsend who co-wrote the mythical hit Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye. According to her, there are “striking resemblances” between this title and the worldwide hit Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. The accuser claims as compensation the modest sum of… 100 million dollars.

During this trial, the complainant thus broadcast a video showing the singer cover Let's Get It On and Thinking Out Loudin a row during a concert – a sequence still available on YouTube. “I do a lot of song mashups at my shows. Lots of songs have similar chords. You can go from Let It Be to No Woman No Cry. And honestly, if I did what you m accuse, I would be stupid to do that on stage in front of 20,000 people“, retorted in this regard Ed Sheeran, whose daughter is not really a fan of his songs.

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A new (and last? ) album

Then an unusual incident occurred: Kathryn Townsend passed out. After a short stay in the hospital to ensure his health, the trial resumed with a vengeance. And the interpreter of Shape of You, a piece which also earned him a lawsuit for plagiarism which he ended up winning last year, wanted to make things clear. If he were to be found guilty in this case, he could decide to dump everything. “If this happens, it's over, I'll stop everything. I find it really insulting to dedicate my whole life to being an artist and a songwriter and someone devalues ​​that“, advanced the English musician, who is preparing to publish a new album on Friday May 5 called “Subtract”. Ed Sheeran's last lap? The (near) future will tell.

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