It's over teleworking for teachers in the event of COVID-19

Telework is over for teachers in the event of COVID-19


Since the start of the school year, teachers are no longer allowed to teach remotely if they show symptoms of COVID-19, and their five-day isolation period will be deducted from their bank sick leave.

“The School Services Center informed us that teachers with symptoms of COVID-19 were no longer authorized to provide their lessons by teleworking during their period of isolation,” explains François-Olivier Loignon, teacher in the Quebec region. 

Teachers are still required to self-isolate for 5 days, but will now have to deduct these days from their annual sick leave bank, which causes the body to misunderstand professorial.  

“I only have 6 days of sick leave per year, if I catch COVID once, I will only have one day left, laments the teacher. This pushes teachers into an impossible dilemma: exhaust their bank of sick leave in the event of isolation, or carry out their lessons despite the symptoms, at the risk of infecting other people. »

Contacted by The Journal, the Central Trade Unions of Quebec (CSQ) confirmed this decision.

“The end of telework for teachers has been effective since the start of the new school year, says a CSQ official. This is a worrying situation that will be discussed. We completely disagree with this decision. ”

Back to “normal”

On June 1, the National Assembly had adopted the law ending the state of health emergency, as well as the decree providing for the transitional measures put in place for education in the context of the pandemic, including the possibility of giving lessons to distance.

“With the end of the health measures, we returned to the provisions of the classic collective agreements, and distance education is not provided for by them”, regrets the CSQ.

The Ministry of Education informed the school network of the new instructions applicable on August 24, specifying that “the recommendations apply in the same way and without exception to the network of public and private educational establishments. “&nbsp ;

“ There is a lack of clarity at the ministerial level, deplores a member of the Autonomous Federation of Education who requested anonymity. Public health advocates a return to normal and acts as if COVID-19 no longer exists, but continues to issue an isolation instruction for 5 days. It's not consistent. » 

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