“It's probably not healthy” Bella Ramsey used a “binder” for almost all of The Last of Us filming and highlights Pedro Pascal's support on gender issues

It seems like only yesterday that we learned about her existence thanks to her magnificent performance as Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, but, in what seems like the blink of an eye, Bella Ramsey has already turned 19. Of course, she hasn't lost an iota of her talent, and continues to amaze on the small screen with her no less fantastic take on Ellie in The Last of US. For this role, she also had to take certain precautions, and it was not always easy.

Unfortunately, the effects of age on Bella Ramsey's body made bringing a young teenage girl to life a bit more difficult. As she confessed in an interview with GQ UK, she had to use a “chest binder“, a type of cuirass chest binder worn by transitioning and non-binary people, for about ” 90%” of the production of the HBO series. In addition, she was quick to offer advice to those who decide to use one of these garments: “It's probably not healthy, please use it carefully“.

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Genders and pronouns

Back in January, Ramsey publicly identified as a non-binary person, and was quick to point out that beyond the pronouns, what's really annoying are the labels. She celebrated being able to play roles that don't fit her “me” in the real world.

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That's what annoys me more than pronouns: being called 'young woman', or 'strong young woman', I'm not just that. In Catherine Called Birdy, I wore dresses. In Young Elizabeth, I wore a corset and felt super powerful. Playing these more female characters is an opportunity to be someone very opposite to me, and it's a lot of fun.” she says.

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Pedro Pascal unfailing support

As she explained, and as we were able to verify during the promotional campaign of The Last of Us connection with co-star Pedro Pascal, whose sister is transgender, was instantaneous. Ramsey called Pascal “super understanding“, and assured that they had several conversations about gender and sexuality issues: “they weren't always deep: they could to be funny. We were just very honest and open with everyone. genre, she does not give much importance to the question of the pronouns attributed to her during a conversation. “Someone would call me 'her' and I wouldn't think about it, but if someone called me 'he', that would be kind of exciting. I'm just, to a large extent, a person. It's not something I particularly like, but when it comes to pronouns, I don't care.”

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