“It’s scary”: Dasha Astafieva admitted, from what they wanted to get rid of

"Это пугает”: Даша Астафьева призналась, от чего хотела бы избавиться

Dasha Astafieva

today, 13:30

Singer Dasha Astafieva continues to explore acting and starred in the new Ukrainian film “Nightmare or the Director of the school №5”. Comedy star played the role of sexy Secretary, presented the new image of the blonde.

On 30 October at the cinema cinema city (Ocean Plaza Mall) hosted the premiere of the film with the participation of the crew. The show was visited by a famous singer.

"Это пугает”: Даша Астафьева призналась, от чего хотела бы избавиться

Dasha Astafieva

Znayu talked with Dasha Astafyeva about her attitude to the movie. The actress openly said, what the film wants to play and what kind of problems would like to get rid of.

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Dasha, you are not the first time in the movies, and what kind of role you dream?

I really like the biographical and historical films. I would like something more serious to play not only the role of a frivolous and silly girls, although I and this, too, are fine. With a sense of humor I had.

Movie I always liked. But I understood that it’s always a very difficult choice in movies is very demanding. When you sing, you can still “hihi-haha”, the movies and pictures that you choose it as your destiny, so to speak. Of course, I realize that while Comedy until any such proposals.

There are a number of points that I want to get rid of – for instance, the focus. The correct pronunciation, work with facial expressions – I do it all the time, but still the accent remains.

The emphasis in Russian or Ukrainian languages?

In the Russian language. I played some bats, interpreters or dumb girls. I understand that the problem is me.

"Это пугает”: Даша Астафьева призналась, от чего хотела бы избавиться

Dasha Astafieva on the stage

Itself, it is difficult to assess what your talking about, the game Directors or other crew members?

It is not difficult, because I try to control everything. So that’s my nature. Of course, I’m critical to myself. I am pleased that I praised, but more often it’s scary, when only praise. I want to still somehow more objectively speaking, apart of the role.

"Это пугает”: Даша Астафьева призналась, от чего хотела бы избавиться

Dasha has long been considered the sexiest singer of Ukraine

Dasha, you gradually move away from the image BDSM girl that was in the group NIKITA. It shows in your photos in Instagram. But on stage, continue to be in latex. You want to give it up or shocking nowhere to go?

I don’t want to give up anything. Scene and everyday personal life are two different spheres in me. So the stage is working, it’s a game, it’s something, say, virtual. Real life is quite another. You don’t know which way I have done today and what had happened. I understand if I come here in latex and with a whip, who will be interested?

Outrageous is directly related to my work. Of course, in ordinary life, this I rest, and do not associate the movie with the outrageous of my solo career.

"Это пугает”: Даша Астафьева призналась, от чего хотела бы избавиться

Dora and her pet Chichikov and the Moon

In your personal life this year was the completion of the new darling of the Moon. Why did you decide to start a second dog?

I believe that everything in life has its pair, its other half. And I didn’t want Chicha to get rid of relations, emotions, feelings, so he has a wonderful girlfriend the Moon, where they spend the day and night, and we enjoy this.

Julia Abramova

We will remind, a film “Nightmare or Director of the school №5”, in which Dasha Astafyeva played one of the roles, goes into wide release on October 31. The picture is filmed in Ukraine in 2019 Studio Tatyana Gnedash “Artforms Production”, supported “High Up Studio”. Both studios specializiruetsya in the production of the television series and for them it’s debut in feature films.

The film tells about the new headmaster, who previously worked in the colony, and students a terrible school district. The story of their mistakes, a second chance, first real love, which at 15 and 45 still crazy, and that the most important thing is to be yourself.

"Это пугает”: Даша Астафьева призналась, от чего хотела бы избавиться

“Horrible Director” played Sergey Frolov, known from the movie “the Secret diary of Simon Petlyura”. The soundtrack to the film sang an energetic High Up 5.

Script writers – Tatiana Gnedash, Sasha Tkachenko and Ivan Shishman. Director – Mila Pogrebishcha.

Earlier Znayu wrote that Dasha Astafieva suddenly tried a modest way, now wouldn’t recognize her.

Also, the portal “Znayu” reported that Dasha Astafieva in the gentle dress has melted the hearts of fans.

In addition, the sexy star Astafieva has changed beyond recognition.

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