“It's super violent”: Mélanie Maynard denounces a virtual assault

“It’s super violent: M”lanie Maynard denounces a virtual assault


After Guylaine Tremblay who recently denounced the violence of the comments on her physique received on social networks, Mélanie Maynard lifts the veil on an assault she suffered on Monday: a man sent her via Instagram a photo of her private parts accompanied by obscene comments. 

Mélanie Maynard chose to share publicly, on Monday morning, the screenshots of the messages and the explicit photo sent by this man she does not know. 

“Just to remember that it's super violent to receive these kinds of messages on your private box,” the 51-year-old host wrote on her Instagram account. 

“If you have “the lucky” to have this individual in your entourage, remind him that it is 2023 and that no one, absolutely no one needs to receive an image of his disgusting tuber. Never”, she adds, for the benefit of her 113,000 subscribers. 

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Hope for real change

Mélanie Maynard explains that she usually denounces this kind of situation in an ephemeral way via her Instagram stories. But this time around, she opted for a more permanent method, hoping to spur real change. Guy A, Lepage, Varda Étienne, Ima, Roxane Bruneau, Jessica Barker, Dany Turcotte, Josée Lavigueur and Julie Ringuette have all shown their support in their publication.

Mélanie Maynard is not the only one to suffer this kind of aggression on social networks. Mariana Mazza, Pénélope McQuade and Rosalie Bonenfant (Mélanie Maynard's daughter) have all had to go public to denounce similar situations. 

“Let's make peace for women!”

The case of Mélanie Maynard is “a glaring example showing that we all need sex education,” says Kim Lévesque-Lizotte.

This one signed, in 2021, the documentary Hello, here is my penis, a “survey aimed at understanding why men send photos of their member”

Kim Lizotte.

“Some men find it amusing, banal, exciting or funny: it is not. There is a large percentage of men who send dick pics who are not even aware that it is an assault. Some of them think that they will generate desire in the person who receives such a photo,” she explains to the Journal

Kim Lévesque- Lizotte wants people to redefine the notion of assault. 

“Assault is not just a rape in an alley,” she says. With the #metoo movement and our documentary, we try to make people aware of what an assault is. Sending a “dick pic” is aggression, regardless of intent. Let's make peace for women!”

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