It's the big return of storks in Gard

It's the big return of storks in Gard

Les cigognes ont été observées en fin de semaine dernière dans le Gard, en Gardonnenque.

It's the big return of storks in Gard

Storks observed in recent days in Gard.

Since Thursday February 8 and again the following weekend, storks have been observed in Gard.

The storks are back in Gard! Since Thursday February 8, residents have been able to observe them notably in Saint-Mamert-du-Gard, in Gardonnenque, but also in Uzège, near Vers-Pont-du-Gard, and also in Pouzilhac. These birds, after spending the winter in sub-Saharan Africa, are now heading north, with a short stopover in our department.

In general, migratory birds pass through our sector crossing the Camargue and the Costières plains which have enough resources to feed them. In recent years, storks have been returning earlier, a sign of global warming. Their arrival in our region in any case announces the approach of good weather.

So, keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks because you may well come across new storks and other migratory birds.

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