“It's the return to VAT” this Sunday

“It’s back to school this Sunday


The headliners of TVA are parading on the set of “Revolution” this Sunday on the occasion of the special program “It's back to school TVA”. 

It is Julie Bélanger and her new accomplice of “It ends well the week”, Jean-Michel Anctil, who welcome the actors of the series “Indéfendable”, “Anna et Arnaud”, “Hôtel”, “La Fault” and “L'Échappée”, as well as the hosts and collaborators of the meetings “La Tour”, “Le monde à l'envers”, “Révolution” and “Masked singers”.

The channel offers a total of 27 original productions and five new releases this season.

The program “C'est la retour TVA” is presented this Sunday, at 7:30 p.m., on TVA.