“It's the third event that generates the most money for the Restos”: interview with Grégoire, patron of the Vendanges du cœur

"It's the third event that generates the most money for the Restos": interview with Grégoire, patron of the Vendanges du cœur

Grégoire expected “with a huge dose of good humor!” Florent Drillon

The singer Grégoire will be the godfather of the Vendanges du coeur, the famous auction of wine barrels for the benefit of Restaurants, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary on July 1, in Ouveillan. Interview.

You will be the godfather of the Vendanges du coeur, on July 1, in Ouveillan (Aude), how did you join this adventure?

Jean-Jacques Goldman's team put me in touch with his friend Jean-Paul Chaluleau who created this superb event, I have known the reputation for a long time of the Harvest of the heart and all the benefits it brings.

This is the third event which generates the most money for the Restos du coeur (after the Enfoirés show and the concerts organized in Bourges, Editor's note), it has become essential and it all starts from an impulse of the heart. Being part of it, I find it absolutely brilliant.

Jean-Jacques Goldman, co-founder of this meeting, occupies a special place in your career…

Yes, I consider him a mentor. When I was a teenager, his music and his words carried me through, he carried guided my way of writing and making music. When my songs started to work, I was lucky enough to be able to meet him, then to collaborate with him on my second album, but also for Les Enfoirés.

You have heard from him ?

Yes we communicate quite regularly, often by email, we keep a fairly strong bond.

You started with the community label My major company, run by his son, Michael Goldman…

When I met Michael and his associates, they introduced me to the My major company site, and it reassured me that there was a member of the Goldman family.

I said to myself "I don't know if it's going to work but in any case they are people of good will, honest and caring".  I felt confident.

A trust that the Vendanges du cœur are placing in you today in turn by entrusting you with the reins of this 30th edition. What form will take this evening of July 1st?

There will be a dinner, with music, I will perform at least one or two songs, the Artichoke Choirs will perform many of them, including titles from Jean-Jacques Goldman and it is not impossible that I will assist the auctioneer during the auction. He will tell me how far I can go, but ;the idea is to make this evening lively…

There will be another guest, Romain Colucci, here too his presence makes sense in this Ouveillan cellar where the late Véronique Colucci has long invested in this same cause…hellip;

It’s very touching. I was very close to Véronique, we miss her a lot. Romain is someone who is discreet, caring and endearing. I am happy to be able to spend this evening with him. It’s beautiful that he is here and that he keeps alive, as his mother did for a long time, the flame lit by his father Coluche.

You are a faithful follower of the Enfoirés, this is an adventure that you will pursue?

I have an affection for Restos du coeur and this collective in which I am involved. I took a break, because I was taking care of my children, it’s been eight years since I last did a scene, I have just started playing concerts again, but I know that there are a lot of people in the troupe now and I didn't want to keep a place when the succession was happening naturally.

The most important thing for the Enfoirés is to have people who are in sight to be able to make the best scores and bring back as much money as possible to the Restaurants. If someone tells me to “come back”, I will happily go, but if everything goes well without me, I won't impose myself either. I am very happy to do the Harvest from the heart.

This 30th anniversary edition takes place in a particular context, the Restos du coeur are encountering significant difficulties.

That's the problem, it never stops. We must try not to give up in any case and ensure that this association continues because it is unfortunately necessary.


You are back with a 7th album, "Vivre", in the form of resilience, with notably this very strong song "I forgive you" that you wrote thinking of your two deceased brothers.

Forgiveness is what moves me forward the most, forgiving death which takes the people we love, forgiving life for obstacles, trials, forgiving others, forgiving ourselves -same.

Don't forget, but there's no point in dwelling on it. Life is beautiful despite the trials, you must not endure it and follow your dreams to the end.

You are also eagerly awaited in Ouveillan with your solidarity title "You + Me", expired& ;nbsp;with more than a million copies, this song that changed your life overnight…

Yes, in one year everything has changed and this song carries so many positive vibes, I think people like it and its destiny is quite incredible. It’s one of my most sunny songs and it will be a pleasure to perform it in Ouveillan.

In what state of mind will you go there ?

With a huge dose of good humor! This is the principle of Les Enfoirés, we are not here to explain how the Restos du coeur work, people already know, or to seek sentimentality.

The goal is to do something entertaining so that there are a lot of participants, I think that's the best way to ;rsquo;help the association.

The idea is really to bring joy, to ensure that we have fun, I’m here for that and I'm going to be super boosted!

How to participate in the Harvest of the Heart on July 1st ?

Les Vendanges du cœur will offer on July 1st, à 7 p.m. à the Néotera cooperative cellar, an auction of wine barrels (a barrel is 300 bottles, with a drawing label & (presented by P&nélope Bagieu and a customizable back label) co-hosted by Grégoire, followed by the buyers' meal prepared by Gilles Goujon and his brigade, in the middle of the cellars. An evening of music with the group Les Chœurs d’Artichaut, but also Grégoire who will offer a few songs. For companies or individuals interested in the auction, call Alexandra on 04 68 46 81 45. Buyer groups are possible. Objects will complete the auctions, in particular a table bringing together the dedications of the sponsors who came to the event. Ouveillan, or a Stars 80 t-shirt dedicated to by several artists. Les Vendanges du coeur, created by Jean-Paul Chaluleau, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Bernard Pitié and Francis Taillades (from the Ouveillan cellar) have already done this. allowed to repay nearly 1.8 M€ at the Restos du Cœur.

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