IV Forum of Creative Industries will be held on 19-21 Sep: details

The forum will be held in the UNIT.City and DTEK Academy

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IV Форум Креативных Индустрий состоится 19-21 сентября: подробности

The Forum Of Creative Industries

On September 19-21 in UNIT.City and DTEK Academy will be a creative business event of the fall – the IV Forum of Creative Industries. This year the Forum will be held under the slogan “the Creative class. Self-portrait”.

Forum Creative Industries is an event that 2015 brings together an active and engaged creative people to discuss relevant and pressing topics of the segments: business, marketing and communication, design, film and show business, media, technology and start-UPS, social initiatives, education and the like. It is here formed an incredible other conditions of creative collaboration, developing into an ambitious and successful projects.

“We will organize a Forum of Creative Industries for the fourth time. The experience we came to the conclusion that in society there is no clear understanding of what constitutes a creative industry, what industries can be counted among them and what is their role and potential in economic development of the country. This year we are compiling the Forum program thus to attract competent and charismatic representatives of the 16 segments of the creative industries of Ukraine. Individuals whose history searches and success will be remembered by the audience and will outline the prospects for the sector for both business development and personal growth. Experts, most accurately, clearly, and convincingly can reveal the essence of the creative class and encouraged to develop with joint efforts”, – said Konstantin Kuznetsov, the official representative of Cannes Lions in Ukraine, the producer of the Days of Creativity in Ukraine.

Forum Creative Industries there has never will have once and for all established form. The forum does not exist, it lives. The Forum is annually improving and changing in order to inspire and encourage your audience to creative breakthroughs and accomplishments. The program involves more professional speakers who share their knowledge and experience during performances, and panel discussions to raise relevant and controversial or even “uncomfortable” questions in the modern world it is impossible to avoid.

In 2018, the expert and intelligent audience started “the Medici Effect” in Ukraine, demonstrating that at the intersection of cultures and industries, new opportunities of development.

This year the Forum greatly expands the thematic spectrum and is filled with additional (but no less important for the main scene) arenas, platforms and areas. This extension is so huge that the Forum is even forced to change the location to accommodate all of the planned activity.

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Thus, the Forum of Creative Industries is moving to UNIT.City. The new house was chosen because it is in UNIT.City, and the Forum, there is a crossing of trade areas, are born the exact ideas and combined the most daring creators. Accordingly, the current Forum will be open, innovative, with relevant topics. But the concept remains unchanged symbiosis of creativity, culture, business and technology. The forum will be held for 3 days! Each of them is special in thematic priorities and activities.

19 September – the first day. Will discuss the importance of creativity and innovation in a variety of industries and sectors. The reports, after which you will no longer have any doubt why the creative and intellectual industry – the most effective investment of the next decade. Performances will be inspired to create high-quality cultural product, to innovate, to initiate an effective communication campaign for change and good. In parallel, the room screening at Cannes Lions – the stories told by brands, cases that stimulate creativity and change the world.

September 20 – second day. Inspired by the cultural Friday. It is unlimited viewing of case studies Cannes Lions. And when the inspiration will overwhelm you so that you will want to bring ideas to life here and now, in the area of intersectoral speeddating will be found of like-minded partners from the industry. Or to go together to a casting to try herself in a new creative role. And all this modern music and live interaction with the stars and patterns of our cultural space. You will get a unique chance to be closer to them than ever.

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September 21 – the third day. The day up on the Forum of Creative Industries. Insights, results of research, completed case studies and practical solutions for brainstorm sessions and panel discussions. More useful information and learning opportunities, including the new Growth area with master classes partners exactly like everyone who wants this fall to open a new professional hobby. And another set of case studies Cannes Lions finally motivated again to create something new. Complete a full day party with visitors of CG event.

September 22 – CG EVENT KYIV is a major event in computer graphics in Eastern Europe. The meeting place for all those who are professionally engaged in graphics or just interested in digital art.

We will remind, in 2017 in the Creative Quarter hosted the second workshop in the framework of the Days of Creativity in Ukraine.

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