“I've never loved a series so much”: nobody talks about it but this Netflix nugget could become the surprise card of this end of the year

By Aubéry Mallet Journalist Series, cinema, TV Aubéry Mallet is a journalist specializing in series. A fan of the small screen, she has seen everything (or almost) from Game of Thrones to Pretty Little Liars, from The Bridgerton Chronicle to Stranger Things via Gossip Girl or Friends. You may not have seen one of Netflix's best new releases! Few people talk about this series recently released on the platform and yet it is slowly (but surely) rising to the top of the most viewed series. And opinions are unanimous.

Every day, Netflix adds new programs, so much so that we are sometimes a little lost in the face of the number of series, films or documentaries available to us on the platform. The other negative point is that some programs go completely unnoticed, when they really deserve a lot of visibility. This is already the case with Warrior Nunwhose season 2 was released without any promo, something that pissed off a lot of fans (and we understand them). But Warrior Nun is not the only one concerned.

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This week , the platform has uploaded quite a few new releases such as the very hot film Lady Chatterley's Lover and the Christmas film Scrooge, a (bad) Christmas carol. On the series side, subscribers were also able to see part 1 of season 2 of Always there for you but also a Turkish series that nobody talked about… but which is starting to climb in the top 10.

This Turkish series arrives in the top 10, without promo

This series is Hot Skull (Sıcak Kafain original version). Online since December 2 on Netflix, it comes to us from Turkey and is inspired by the novel by Afşin Kum. His pitch? As an epidemic spreads through language and speech in a dystopian world, a former linguist is hunted down by the authorities despite being immune to the disease.

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Hot Skulltherefore mixes science fiction and the post-apocalyptic, with a gripping plot and convincing actors. And even if we have heard very little about it, the series is starting to rise in the top 10 of the most viewed series. In France, it is now 7th in the top and is also starting to make a name for itself in other countries around the world.

Internet users are already confirming

In any case, on the side of those who have seen the series, it's unanimous: Hot Skull is a nice surprise! On Twitter, several Internet users shared their opinion on the series which has 8 episodes. “I've never really liked a series so much“; “What's that nugget?!“; “A really well done Turkish SF series.” or even “I loved it from the start” can we read on the social network:

A series that is therefore worth a look if we are to believe Internet users and which will change you a little from the other successes of the moment on the platform. The Wednesday series, still number 1 in the top charts, is on the way to breaking many records since it is already the third most popular series in English on the platform, in just two weeks.