Ivo Bobul admitted that he had nothing to pay the rent

Иво Бобул признался, что ему нечем платить за квартиру

The singer has complained that it is difficult to make money on concerts

People’s artist of Ukraine singer Ivo Bobul, who announced his intention to run for President, complained of the poverty. The artist pointed out that not enough money for basic things.

“It is not the prices that was when we were working. The prices can not be called just because people are poor, are invited. Half even of what I received, this is half of can be. Not for that to pay for an apartment, because just no. My life is a little bit crippled…”, – the singer admitted.

According to Bobul, from time to time friends and colleagues help with invitations to this or that concert.

“Help. Sasha Serov helps here guys help as I can. There are some concerts, go for these old clubs. Abroad are now going because I was invited. Food a little bit to sing and earn a few cents for life. The situation is very difficult for me. Like, it would seem that the singer is so prominent”, – shrugged the 64-year-old actor.

As for presidential ambitions, the artist noted that his loud statement about his candidacy for the presidency was just a joke.

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