Izzy-S: climbing new heights

Izzy-S: Climbing New Heights


While his name may not yet be widely known to the general public, rapper Izzy-S's popularity is undeniable, as his songs rack up millions of streams online. After success on the local scene, he now wishes to make himself known in the rest of the Francophonie. 

With this in mind, the young artist has just announced the signing of an agreement with Universal Music Canada which will allow him, he hopes, to achieve his ambitions and make him known internationally.

“It gives a little pressure, especially since I am the first rapper of my generation to sign with a “major”. It gives responsibility and pressure, because everyone expects me to succeed and open doors for them,” Izzy-S said in an interview with QMI Agency.


To mark the occasion, he recently released a new single, “Red soles”, produced by Torontonian Eli Brown, who notably collaborated with Drake. A metaphor for the sacrifices he had to make to succeed, the song will be accompanied by an ambitious music video that took several days to shoot.

Izzy-S self-credits his manager, “Suss,” and his manager for helping him reach this new milestone.

“At Universal, they bet on us, because they know that we already have a rigorous work and that we have a strategic vision for the future”, indicated, at his side, Jeff Santana, his impresario . He assures, however, that the young rapper keeps control of his agenda, and that this agreement will help them achieve their ambitions “which go beyond the ocean”.

Developing his style< /p>

Over the past few years, the albums and mixtapes that Izzy-S has released as an independent artist have been able to find their audience, although he has received little media exposure. The result of a long journey, according to him.

It was around the age of 9 that he had his first contact with the world of music.

“I have always written songs. My big brother was rapping a long time ago, and he was the one who initiated me, he said. We'd put on the 50 Cent CD, “Get Rich or Die Trying,” and we'd rap over it.”

Although writing verses was difficult for him at the time, given his young age, he nevertheless persevered, under the encouragement of his eldest.

“It meant that even when I didn't don't rap, writing has always been a way for me to express myself and convey my emotions,” said the young man, now 25.

Having grown up in the neighborhood Saint-Michel, in Montreal, it blows that the sector has shaped its music. “It's my experience, that of those around me, or who live in my neighborhood. It's underprivileged, it's not easy, there's a lot of violence, but there are also a lot of good things that come out of it,” said Izzy-S.

He himself wants to be able to offer a positive example to those who listen to his music, showing that there are other ways to succeed and that “the street” is not a solution.

An example that he wants even more, now that he has signed with a major label in the music industry. “The rest is going to be historic,” he exclaimed.

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