J. K. Rowling: the great skid!

J. K. Rowling: le grand dérapage!

It is necessary that you talk (again) of J. K. Rowling, because what is happening in this moment is too serious for that, we turn the page and go on to another topic.

Because she has dared to state the obvious (” people who have rules are women “), the author of Harry Potter is dealing with transphobe.

But if it was just that… employees of his british publisher refuse now to work on the publication of his next book because they disagree with his comments !

The little thought police has struck again.


I have already told you about how I find disproportionate the reaction to the recent comments from Rowling. Who would have thought that one day, we would crucify him for saying that “people who have menstruation” are “women” ?

But simply for having expressed this observation, Rowling is to stone him. I’ve even read of activists, LGBTQ, who claim that his remarks are potentially deadly for people who are transgender.

On Monday, employees of Hachette Uk said that they refused to work on the next book in Rowling. I really believed that their employer obey the spine and √©crabouillerait to not go for a “transphobe” in turn. But no ! Hachette has released a statement very clear : “freedom of expression is the cornerstone of the edition. We will force our employees to work on a book the contents of which bother them for personal reasons. But we make a distinction between that and refuse to work on a book because it disagrees with the views of the author apart from his work writing. This goes against our commitment to freedom of expression. “

The authors aren’t even judged on what they write in their books : their books are judged on what the authors are chirping on Twitter.

Well, well, I think about it, Hachette, it is also the publishing house whose employees new yorkers have refused to publish the memoirs of Woody Allen…

What is this culture of silence, this wave of e.g. muzzling, this inability to converse or debate with people who disagree with you ? We go immediately to the : “shut your mouth, I will boycott, I make you lose your job, I’m quiet. “As wrote one user :” It is the totalitarianism of thought in action. “


Not surprisingly, in our small quebec milieu of the well-pensance, you don’t even if the words of J. K. Rowling are to be discussed, or not : it is called a transphobe, without other form of trial.

This has led Radio-Canada to apologize this week.

In a text about J. K. Rowling, you could read this precision : “This text has been modified for the sake of accuracy. The original version talked about transphobic then it would have had to indicate that they have been deemed transphobic by many members of the community LGBTQ and public figures. Our excuses. “

Hey boy. If Jagmeet Singh addresses a member of parliament from the Bloc of racist, is that Radio-Canada is going to write that this mp is racist ?

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