Jack Ryan-season 2 : John Krasiński, and Wendell Pierce teasent even more action (Interview)

Jack Ryan saison 2 : John Krasinski et Wendell Pierce teasent encore plus d'action (Interview)

Jack Ryan-season 2 : John Krasiński, and Wendell Pierce interview

To celebrate the release of season 2 of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video this Thursday, November 1st, PRBK has had the pleasure of meeting his two heroes : John Krasiński, who plays the hero, and Wendell Pierce (James Greer). Of passage to London, they discussed with us the series and their characters.

PRBK : John, what is it that you want that you’re in the series Jack Ryan ?

John Krasiński : When I accepted the role of Jack Ryan, it’s because I saw it in this series the opportunity to finally give justice to the novels of Tom Clancy. These novels are very dense, there are a lot of details, and I think that it is impossible to render it with fidelity in a two-hour film. In a film, one is necessarily obliged to shorten and make the dead end on certain aspects of the plot.

I’ve always loved the action scenes

How the character of Jack has it evolved since the first season ?

In the first season, we discover a Jack projected almost in spite of himself in a universe that is foreign to him and in which he wondered whether it was really his place. In the second season, Jack is actually a reason : he knows that nothing will be as it was before, and that now, that’s it, his new life. A life in which the decisions are difficult, a life where nothing is all white or all black.

Do you think he became jaded, more cynical ?

I don’t think either of cynicism. I think it was mainly a vision of a more down-to-earth things, less idealistic. He is aware that the worst can happen, and it is now prepared. I find it rather healthy.

There is more action in this second season than in the first. Film sequences-muscled, this is something that appeals to you ?

Wendell Pierce : Before turning in for Jack Ryan, I had never really had the opportunity to let go of me in the action scenes. There, if my character ends up behind a desk, it is only because he is forced to. And he jumps on the slightest opportunity to return to the field. He can’t help it ! I love to shoot these sequences.

John Krasiński : I’ve always loved the action scenes. In The Office, I was doing a lot of stunts… behind the scenes ! (laughter) But my first real experience in the matter it was for 13 Hours by Michael Bay. I loved it. Being myself a filmmaker, I have discovered that the action cinema it’s a whole different way to create. It requires all kinds of skills that are not needed on the set of a drama or a comedy. Choreograph the explosions, the stunts, it’s all a part In Jack Ryan, they are not just there to impress the gallery : they are always thoughts in service of the plot, they have a specific purpose in the story. They are also very realistic, and it is that fact that they are successful. Nothing was left to chance. In season 2, I’m doing a chase on rooftops in London, jumping from one building to the other. It is exhausting, but it is awesome!!!

The trailer for season 2 of Jack Ryan

Wendell, in season 2, your character is not in the process of realizing that he is getting too old for the field ?

Wendell Pierce : I see what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to make me say “I’m too old for this crap” ?

May-be ! But more seriously, in season 2, your duo is reminiscent of that of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in lethal Weapon.

John Krasiński : Yes, but it is me Danny Glover ! (laughter)

Wendell Pierce : It’s true that in season 2, my character is faced with a dilemma. His body begins to betray him, but he refuses to admit it. The action is in his DNA and it is stronger than him. He is back on the field recently, and he wants to enjoy it. And then Jack is in need of him !

It is inspired by things that happen actually in the world today

This second season takes place in a geopolitical context very close to reality, Jack struggles against a dictator in Venezuela. Is it that we can say that Jack Ryan is a series committed ?

John Krasiński : This is already the case in the books of Tom Clancy, as in the hunt for red October, which is set during the cold war. In the series, it is inspired by things that happen actually in the world today, but it focuses on a story within a story. The series does not claim to decrypt or denounce the news. She may be inspired to offer a show both entertaining and aware of his time. In season 2, one is in Venezuela and it shows a people fighting against a dictator, but it is mainly a backdrop. Above all, it is a good old-fashioned story of revenge for Jack. Someone has taken one of his closest friends, and he did not let go anything as long as justice will not be done.

John, you have achieved Without a sound and you’re working on its sequel. It is complicated for you to pass on the role of actor in Jack Ryan was the director of Without a sound ?

John Krasiński : Not really. As I said, I learn a lot on the shoots where I am now as a comedian, and it allows me to use these experiences as a director, particularly in regard to the action sequences. In Without A Sound, the action sequences are far less spectacular than in Jack Ryan, but they are also choreographed, because it is something that I learned about the shootings of movies or action series.

Without a sound 2, lookin ‘ good ?

John Krasiński : I am in the editing phase at the moment, so I can’t reveal much for now, but the filming is finished and I can’t wait to show you the result.

Remarks collected by Pierre Champleboux at a round table.

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