“Jackie and Lee”, by Stéphanie des Horts: in the America of the Kennedy

«Jackie et Lee» de Stéphanie des Horts: dans l’Amérique des Kennedy

After having published biographies very noticed – The panther, Pamela and Sisters Livanos –, journalist and writer French Stéphanie des Horts starts to attack the America of Kennedy in her new novel, Jackie and Lee. It describes the constant competition between the sisters Bouvier : Jackie walk in the light while Lee appears to be sentenced to walk in the shade.

Stéphanie des Horts is a fascinating portrait of these two “princesses in the u.s.” in her new novel. Jackie is intelligent. Lee is beautiful. Jackie will and Lee in rêvera. Jackie married John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Lee will join a prince without fortune or glory, Stas Radziwill.

Extravagant, the sisters Bouvier multiply the conquests. Their lovers are called Onassis and Agnelli. Their friends, Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Cecil Beaton. They shine in the Hamptons, to Martha’s Vineyard, on 5th Avenue and in Palm Beach, until a tragedy occurred in Dallas, and changes their destiny forever.

Stéphanie des Horts is passionate both for the America of the Kennedy and to the accursed fate of sisters Bouvier. “It is an idea that I had for a very long time, but I didn’t feel size. I had the impression that I had to make my evidence before I tackle such an icon, ” she says, speaking of Jackie Kennedy.

Lee Radziwill

His latest book, The Sisters Livanos, was talking to Lee Radziwill, who died last year. “I started to write a book about it, but I couldn’t because Jackie was still there. The more I looked, the more I realized that Jackie was taking up all the space. Therefore, the book which was to be on Lee Radziwill became Jackie and Lee. “

Even in a work of fiction, Jackie was still all over the place, as if the rivalry persisted in the time. “We can’t pass in addition to Jackie. It takes continually all over the place. Jackie is a being that attracts the light and even beyond death, even after years, it is still her who still has all the light and that poor Lee is in the shadow of her sister forever!!! “

The legend

These two women, with very different personalities one from the other, were both freed themselves of the conveniences and conventions, believes the author. “They did well as their head ! We can not say that it was for girls to be stuck, far from it. Jackie has made his legend. She quickly realized that becoming First Lady, alongside Kennedy, it reached the level of ultimate. And Jackie is a girl who leaves nothing to chance. “

Jackie has built his legend, while Lee has spent his time running after his sister. “Lee is trying to exist, but it never gets there because it is always in the shadow of her sister. Gore Vidal said – and I read it in his journal : “These are two piranhas in an aquarium”. ”

  • Stéphanie des Horts is a journalist and literary critic.
  • She has written many novels, including The ball of the century , and The Devil of Radcliffe Hall.
  • She has also signed biographies : The panther, The secret of Rita H., Pamela and Sisters Livanos.


Stéphanie des Horts
Editions Albin Michel
272 pages.”>

Jackie and Lee
Stéphanie des Horts
Editions Albin Michel
272 pages.

Lee and Stas spend more and more time in Washington since Lee is appointed as a dame of company. In the shadow of her sister. Still and always. As she explained to him.

It is simple, Pekes, you do everything that I do, three steps behind. “

– Stéphanie des Horts, Jackie and Lee, Editions Albin Michel

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