Jacques Kuba Séguin: when the music arises out of the containment

Jacques Kuba Séguin: quand la musique naît du confinement

Trumpeter Jacques Kuba Séguin will present on Tuesday evening a concert in the framework of the digital edition of the Festival international de Jazz de Montréal. His latest album “Migration”, launched in June 2019, is currently nominated in the category “jazz Album of the year: solo” at the gala of the Juno awards. Interview with a lover of jazz for which the containment has not been a synonym for pause.

How was the containment of your side up to now ?

It went well. All in all, I was lucky. Just before the start of the confinement, I made myself order a symphonic work. Then the containment came as a blessing. It has allowed me to confine and to write music. So just for that, this is great. And it’s funny because the containment, this is really the life of a musician. We confine ourselves to prepare for what has to be done. And when it comes time to play, you need to get out of his den and present himself in the hope that we are on our best day. It’s funny, it seems that Quebec has understood what it was to be a professional musician.

You are going to reveal on July 3, the digital album “ODD LOT – Compilation 15 years”, an album through which you gather some of your success of the three opus that you have registered with the training ODD LOT. Why a compilation? What is it that you gave the idea?

In fact, it was an idea of confinement. I had my first album that had never been launched on web-based platforms, iTunes and company. I then listened to it again parts with it, and I found that there were some that were worth really worth. And so, I’ve been looking for a sort of “Best Of” of the first, and I combined that parts of other albums. That was the idea. And I made to homogenize all that by remaking a “mastering” for it to be a good listener and that there is a nice continuity through the album.

You are also going to give a live concert on the page Facebook of the Festival international de Jazz de Montréal Tuesday at 18h. What can we expect?

It’s going to happen in The Astral, we are going to be musicians in ODD LOT, it’s going to be Kevin Warren (drums), Jonathan Cayer, piano and Rémi-Jean LeBlanc on double bass.

The idea is to resume parts of the album, “Compilations”, which will come out soon, and also some pieces of my latest album “Migration”, released in June last year. We are going to play this material in the revisiting of our way. We made rehearsals outside, in the gazebo, in Villeray, close to the metro. And what is fun, is that the neighbors are moving into the alley, and we listen.

In these times of confinement, where the cultural community through significant challenges, what would be your advice on how we should support the jazz scene currently?

My philosophy is that at this moment, we are paying really the price of the transition to digital because there is not really laws that have been put in place to manage Spotify and company.

It receives grants that it distributes across our community, you hire artists, you pay them, you pay the studios, we pay, we pay it, and in the end, it all goes on the platforms of digital distribution, and it goes up in smoke. I do not understand, it is as if it was our treasure to us, Quebecers, Canadians, which is as it were squandered through these platforms-there. This is a problem that should be addressed. Schools of music are emptied, and the young are not crazy, they see all this and wonder how they will earn their living. There should be a bill to be taxed, as this is handled this case there.

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