Jail for decoration trader who sold cocaine-related products to undercover agent

Prison for decoration trader who sold to agent ;infiltration of cocaine-related products


A decoration trader with no criminal record who, for a few months, sold an undercover agent several kilos of a substance used to “cut” cocaine and reduce its quality was fined on Friday a 30 month prison sentence.

Mario Caron, 59, father of three children and grandfather on several occasions, had never been in court.  

However, on February 14, 2019, the man who owned a decorating business was arrested by the Quebec City Police Department.  

He was later charged with selling to a civilian undercover agent four kilos of a substance intended to be mixed with the drug to increase the quantity.  

“The accused knew that the products he was selling were used to be mixed with cocaine and that the aerosol glue sold to the agent was going to be used to make blocks of white powder”, recalled judge Steve Magnan in the decision.  

According to the analysis of the magistrate who presided over the trial, Caron was “in full control of his illicit trade”, since it was he who set the price of sales or of his products and that he agreed on the time of delivery and where the transactions were taking place.  

“In addition, he offers advice to the undercover civilian agent on how to apply the glue so that the drugs can be compressed into blocks using molds and kilo presses,” the presiding judge said, adding that the evidence revealed the “high degree of contribution of the defendant”. 

“He is the one who provides the products to be added to cocaine in order to increase the quantity and promote trade. Nothing in the evidence makes it possible to lessen his degree of participation in the commission of the offence,” he specified.  

As aggravating factors, Judge Magnan held that the transactions had been carried out “for profit” and that they “did not form part of the normal course [of] the decoration trade, behind which [the accused] hid his illegal activities”.&nbsp ; 

In all, over a period of four months, Caron will have made six transactions.

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