Jake Gyllenhaal, Emily Ratajkowski… You don’t know how to write their names ? You are not alone

Jake Gyllenhaal, Emily Ratajkowski... Vous ne savez pas écrire leurs noms ? Vous n'êtes pas seuls

The Gyllenhaal Experiment : You do not know how to write Jake Gyllenhaal correctly ? Well you’re not alone

Who knows how to properly write Jake Gyllenhaal ? Before you read it here eh, of course. Person ? A certain Colin Morris realized that a lot of users were mistaken in the spelling of names of stars on Reddit. It has, therefore, created The Gyllenhaal Experiment. A site that test your knowledge on the names of celebrities.

The names of celebrities, this is not your thing ?

Several stars have unusual names, or even very painful to remember and write let’s be clear. One thinks in particular of Emily Ratajkowski that many prefer to call Emrata (the name of his Insta) and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard (who is not better off). But there is also the filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan (who must, in particular, the trilogy, Unbreakable, Split and Glass), to Macaulay Culkin, that child was the hero Mom, I missed the plane , or the hilarious Zach Galifianakis aka Alan in the films Very Bad Trip.

In reading many comments on the forum Reddit, and Colin Morris has noticed that several people posting “(sp ?)”. This expression is used when people are not sure of the spelling of a name. And among the names that the people had the most trouble to write, it is the one of Jake Gyllenhaal (and sister Maggie Gyllenhaal) who is the most out.

Suddenly, Colin Morris gave them a small wink in creating the site, The Gyllenhaal Experiment, on the verge of celebrating its first year of existence. What does it consist of ? This is a test showing the photos of celebrities and their first name. You can find their name in the writing. A way to see if you’re good or no memory of the letters.

Only 20% of success on Jake Gyllenhaal

About Jake Gyllenhaal, that you had recently been able to see in Spider-Man : Far From Home, know that there are only 20% of internet users on Reddit who know how to properly write his name. The one who shares the life of the model French of 22 years, Jeanne Cadieu see so most of the time his / her name written with errors.

Ditto for Scarlett Johansson. About 600 000 attempts accounted for on Reddit to write his name, more than 2 attempts on 3 are false.

Come and test here The Gyllenhaal Experiment to see how many names of stars you can write correctly.

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