Jake Paul could pocket up to $25 million for his fight: welcome to 2023!

Jake Paul could pocket up to $25 million for his fight: welcome to 2023!


I have a gadget that gives me access to 3640 television networks around the world. I pay $28 a month, I assume that's legal. In any case, I don't get a penny in royalties from covers of all the Lance and Compte series that run 24 hours a day. That too, I presume, means that it's legal.

My widget allowed me to follow live, live Zachary would say, the multi-millionaire fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

It was at the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was presented in pay per view to the various BT networks in Europe and the Middle East and in the United States on pay TV by ESPN+.

Jake Paul, six or seven bad professional fights against stars retired from the UFC, had a guaranteed purse of 4.5 million and 65% of TV revenue worldwide. If it went well, he could get up to 25 million.

Fury, small career made on the name Fury, he is the half-brother of Tyson Fury, and above all a big star of a British reality show, counted on 2.8 million guaranteed and a possibility of reaching 6 million with TV

The fight was an eight round one. The equivalent of a third fight of a normal evening at the Montreal casino.


But you have already guessed that this boxing had nothing to do with… boxing. Jake Paul is an “influencer”. A big youtuber. Like his brother Logan Paul. Her past is littered with sexual assault lawsuits, pop songs, youth TV shows…and selling out. A Kim Kardashian of guys.

Tommy Fury had a small career at the level of the daisies. His half-brother became world heavyweight champion and he found himself catapulted into a reality show that hit Britain.

Result ? Russ Anber gives the best answer. “A YouTuber is going to win more in eight rounds in Saudi Arabia than Artur Beterbiev in his entire career. It makes me want to vomit, “said the veteran boxer, reading all the madness that was written about this “great fight”.

Russ may console himself. He was in Beterbiev's locker room in London in January when Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were introduced to the crowd to promote this “historic” fight. And me, I was in a very 1923 mood. Jake Paul, do I care? 

But Lady Ju who is very young quickly grasped what was happening. She hunkered down to take pictures of these modern heroes. This handsome blond is the boxer of 25 million. The other one who took his shirt off was Tommy Fury. The incredible ovation was for YouTube. Because what happened on Sunday afternoon in Saudi Arabia is another consecration of social networks. You can sell anything if you know how to sell yourself. Simple, let Artur learn how to sell himself better.


Marc Ramsay was laughing yesterday morning. We were talking about this story. He told me that he ended up in a stadium where 7,000 people had bought tickets to watch a few fights.

“When it was time for the Logan Paul fight, it had to be him and not his brother, I told the gentleman who had invited me that it didn't make any damn good sense to make a guy fight the same. He replied: do you see the 7000 tickets? He's the one who sold them all, or almost. What are we doing in that time? says Ramsay.

In those days, as Ramsay puts it so well, we obey the law of the market. And we put on galas that we sell to millions of youtuber enthusiasts around the world.

“But at least Jake Paul has a little boxing in him. He is capable of hitting straight,” added Ramsay.

He is right. Those eight rounds were not comparable to the eight rounds between Artur Beterbiev and Anthony Yarde. Not even at the ankle. But it was a good American League game. When the Rocket are fighting for a playoff spot, it can be a pretty decent hockey game. 

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, that can be a pretty decent fight. Fury won via split decision. It was a good verdict considering he went down in the eighth.

You should find the license on… YouTube.


In Saudi Arabia, the real fight took place in the semi-finals. The indestructible Badou Jack won the WBC cruiserweight title (200 lbs) against the Congolese Ilunga Makabu. Makabu had lost his title in 2016 against Tony Bellew who we knew in Quebec against Adonis Stevenson to regain it in 2020 in Kinshasa against Michal Cieslak. I remember it very well, the Quebecer Michael Griffin was the referee in Congo.

Badou Jack was world champion at 168 pounds, at 175 pounds and here he is champion at 200 pounds . He is 39 years old. He was defeated in Atlanta three years ago by Jean Pascal and drew in Washington against Lucian Bute. He had lost in twelve rounds in Toronto against Adonis Stevenson after pushing Stevenson to the gates of hell on the twelfth round. 

He put up a very good fight against Makabu before the referee ruled stops the fight one minute from the end. 

Badou Jack, a Swedish gentleman not quite blond, has become the first Muslim boxer to win a world championship in a Muslim country.

He was very moved.