Jake Paul violently pushed back into place by Gigi Hadid after he attacked Zayn Malik

Jake Paul violemment remis en place par Gigi Hadid après avoir attaqué Zayn Malik

Jake Paul violently clashed by Gigi Hadid after he attacked Zayn Malik

If Jake Paul has many enemies, it can add Gigi Hadid to the list ! This Sunday, February 23, 2020, the model is violently taken to the brother of Logan Paul after he was down her boyfriend Zayn Malik on Twitter. A treat for the viewers !

It’s official : after a second break in January 2019, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are back as a couple. The one that broke up with Tyler Cameron last October has been seen arm in arm with the former member of One Direction in the streets of New York. And if you doubted their reunion, the sister to Bella Hadid has shown his love for the beautiful brown, taking her defense on Twitter this Sunday, February 23, 2020. The model that does not have the language in the pocket has not supported that Jake Paul would take him.

Jake Paul tackle Zayn Malik

The youtubeur has tweeted : “I had to almost cheer Zane of One Direction because he is a child who has a bad attitude and I was basically told to go make me see no reason while I was nice with him…Zane if you read this… stop being angry because you are back alone to your hotel room big ass hahaha.”, before you add “Bro, he literally started to scream and to make you freak out ‘you want to test me my friend’. lol I feel bad for the stars of childhood.”

Gigi Hadid replica and it hurts

Messages, now deleted, which react, Gigi Hadid : “Lol you say that because he doesn’t care to hang out with you and your team embarrassing of groupies YouTube…? Home alone with his best friends like a king respectful because I have me, darling. Insensitive to your ass ugly and unimportant. Go to bed…”, she replied. A response applauded by internet users, who have not failed to castigate them as the brother of Logan Paul. If he did not respond directly, he tweeted a few hours later : “Someone needs to take me to my phone when I’m drunk because I’m a fucking idiot“. A way to apologize ? For his part, Zayn Malik has not responded.

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