Jamal, Alyona Alyona and DakhaBrakha – Eurovision winner decided on a musical experiment

Джамала, Alyona Alyona и ДахаБраха - победительница Евровидения решилась на музыкальный эксперимент

today, 06:22

Ukrainian singer, winner of Eurovision song contest Jamal presented their new album “Svoï”, which is already available on streamingamf services.

Feature album “Svoï” is that each song is done in collaboration with another singer or even group.

Джамала, Alyona Alyona и ДахаБраха - победительница Евровидения решилась на музыкальный эксперимент

Jamal, Ivona

This collection is the result of my work with performers, arrangers, DJ’s with whom I sympathize, and therefore Oan be called by their” – commented on the new release Jamal.

The news about the release of the album, the singer also shared through the network Instagram, where you can listen to the song clips.

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On the record 12 tracks from the legendary and, relatively, ancient songs “Sliva” that Jamal performed with Andrei and Dmitry Hlavnicka Surovym to newest collaborations of the singer – for example, the tracks “Take” and “Gal” in collaboration with Alyona Alyona.

Also the album includes the song “Lured” written for uchastvuya DakhaBrakha.

According to the singer, every song is special and has a unique history of creation or the history of ideas. The Central feature that unites all the tracks is the speed and ease with which these songs were created. According to Jamala, such ease and speed is that with all the musicians, the singer had a common theme, and also similar views on music.

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We will remind, earlier the mysterious Jamal puzzled Ukrainians an important question: “What to choose?”

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Jamal is going to leave the scene because of the pregnancy: “I would like to have a big family.”

Also “Znayu” I wrote, Jamal has melted the hearts of fans anxious family photo: “Nice to watch”.

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