Jamal recreated your Christmas way to popularity: “has not changed”

Джамала воссоздала свой новогодний образ до популярности: "Почти не изменилась"

Jamal, Tochka.net

today, 04:00

Popular Ukrainian singer and winner of Eurovision Jamal, often pleases the audience with some highlights from their Instagram. This time star babe decided to show strange pictures – one modern and the other from childhood. Moreover, the actress said that participated in the project, which involves recreating old childhood photos in a new way.

As you can see, baby photo Jamal posing in a bright dress and dark sandals and socks on his feet. But her hat, a huge bow, which is even more her head. Future singer captured at the Christmas tree, however, as on modern photos. Here, the actress appeared before the camera in blue MIDI dress with interesting cut with white inset on the chest. On his feet Jamala black shoes, and on his head a huge lush bow. In the caption to the photo, the star was told about the project, which involved, also asking fans who they dressed up at children’s matinees.

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Recall, Jamal changed his image for the sake of the cult of gloss.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Jamal showed fans a grown son.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Jamal played a trick on the fans, put up a touching picture.

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