Jamal showed a rare photo with mom

Джамала показала редкое фото с мамой

Singer said moving to wish your mom happy birthday.Mom Jamadi – Galina Tumasova notes today, February 12, his birthday.

In this connection a famous singer very sincerely congratulated the mother, by publishing a series of photos from family man, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

So, the singer fondly called the closest person “maloletkoy” and stressed that she had the most beautiful.

“My dearest friend, critic and support! Thank you for always there. I am on your “team mom Jamala”! Love,” – gently asked the mother of Jamal.

Also, the singer with humor said: “I Think gifts for an anniversary it is necessary to prepare in advance. I tried”. Most likely, the singer was referring to the birth of son Emir-Rahman, the grandson Galina Mikhailovna. By the way, Jamal has also published a photo of mom with her son.

Subscribers singer was also quick to join in the congratulations.

Джамала показала редкое фото с мамой

Джамала показала редкое фото с мамой

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