Jamal showed his performance 18 years ago

The singer posted the archived video where she stands in Hutsul costume

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Джамала показала свое выступление 18 лет назад

Jamal shared archival video

35-year-old Ukrainian singer Jamal experimenting with musical styles, and, as it turned out, since the beginning of creative activity. The actress published a video archive, which acts Hutsul costume to the accompaniment of folk orchestra. The video was filmed in 2001, that is, 18 years ago.

Jamal reported that this is her first performance with the orchestra, and shared the emotions felt then, being a 17 year old girl.

“He remembered his first performance with the orchestra of folk instruments. It was in the Conservatory. 2001! I’m in a Hutsul costume is of the song “Oh zagrli music, muzichenko”. Remember, it was very exciting,” admits Jamal.

The artist also announced his performance at the concert of the orchestra NAONI, which will be held April 12.

“I’m going to rehearse with the orchestra NAONI. April 12, they have a concert in the Opera house, where I will be the special guest and will perform folk songs,” wrote the singer.

Earlier we wrote that Jamal in the first birthday of the son of the Emir-Rahman showed his face. Read more, see video:

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Джамала показала свое выступление 18 лет назад

Джамала показала свое выступление 18 лет назад

Джамала показала свое выступление 18 лет назад


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