Jamal showed his sister photos

The singer surprised fans by similarity with her sister

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Джамала впервые показала свою сестру: фото


Ukrainian singer Jamal continues shares family photos with your followers on Instagram. This time the singer has decided to introduce fans to her sister, Evelina.

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Note that this Jamal is not particularly shared photos from the home archive. Now, on her page in the social network, you can see the photo with my parents, husband and son. On the new frame Ukrainian artist posing with his sister, which is very similar to a star. To all, Jamal admitted that he loves Evelyn and grateful to life for such moments.

Джамала впервые показала свою сестру: фото

Jamal’s sister Melinoe

“Thank you life for such moments! I have no place of power, but I am a man of power. And this, of course, my family. Evenina, I love you so much! I’m always happy to share with you minutes and days,” wrote Jamal.

Earlier, Jamal made an unexpected confession in the TV show “the Voice. Diti 5”.And before it became known that Jamal has twice appeared in Russia in 2014. After the PR Director of the singer commented on the information.

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