Jamal told about motherhood and showed a sweet photo with her son

The singer enjoys held with Emir time

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Джамала рассказала о материнстве и показала милое фото с сыном


Most recently, fans of Ukrainian singer Jamala came to the delight of her family photo shoot in the lavender field. And again the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2016 decided to make a touching picture with his son.

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Popular singer Jamal, despite his busy schedule, tries all the free time to spend with family, particularly with his son Emir. So, on his page on Instagram, the actress confessed that the little achievements of the child bring her pleasure and inspire. In addition, the star touched the tender subscribers a new photo with her son.

Джамала рассказала о материнстве и показала милое фото с сыном

Jamal with his son

“To re-learn how to be surprised simple things, to follow each new step, to rejoice in the achievements the kid is so cool and so inspiring that it is hard to convey in words. The feeling that you yourself re-born,” a moving written Jamal. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Earlier, Jamal made an unexpected confession in the TV show “the Voice. Diti 5”.And before it became known that Jamal has twice appeared in Russia in 2014. After the PR Director of the singer commented on the information.

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