Jamal will make a career break to have a second child

The singer plans to devote time to her husband and to have another baby

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In an exclusive interview to journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” popular singer Jamala, which boasted a gift from her husband, admitted, for what are willing to make a pause in your career and how to solve conflicts with her husband.

This year, Jamala’s career was special – the singer is celebrating ten years on stage. To this date, the artist released a collection of the best songs. Now Jamal is preparing for a tour in 10 cities of Ukraine. With great excitement the artist speaks about the new duet and tour, because he understands – then soon you will be able to please the fans. The singer wants more time to devote to husband, Bekir.

“I think I’ll take a break to give birth again. We will be happy to wait for replenishment, because I would love to have a big family. For example, my mom’s family had 7 children, my dad 2 – he and sister,” admits Jamal the journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Джамала сделает перерыв в карьере, чтобы родить второго ребенка

Jamala with her husband Bekir and son Emir-Rahman

Although Jamal and loves the work which has devoted his life, to ignore how her baby grows, she doesn’t want.

“Now, for example, I really miss you when you go on vacation or on tour – I do not see the Emir. And I think that’s the main point, which really upsets me. But to take it with you can’t, because it’s hard for him. But don’t worry, he’s fine – he’s father, my husband’s parents – they are just incredible nanny,” – said the singer.

And while the husband of Jamala younger than her eight years, the singer says: wisdom it not to occupy. Almost all of the potential argument translates into a quiet family discussion.

Джамала сделает перерыв в карьере, чтобы родить второго ребенка

Jamal with his son

“I am very temperamental, impulsive, sometimes I regret what I said. Bekir more balanced, and it quiet – keep it to himself… And if we have a question, we very calmly discussed”, – said Jamal.

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