Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) : “forced”, she made her coming out queer, and leaves Twitter

Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) : "forcée", elle fait son coming out queer et quitte Twitter

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Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) is coming out queer, and leaves Twitter

The actress, who is very committed, who fights against sexism, racism or homophobia has made her coming out queer. Jameela Jamil, however, has admitted to having been forced to do this coming out. After you have posted a long message of explanation, the one that plays in the series The Good Place on Netflix has left Twitter.

A coming out queer forced

Discovered by the general public in the series The Good Place on Netflix, Jameela Jamil is part of the stars inspiring to lead several battles. The one who embodies Ms. Al-Jamil in the show, which stops in the season 4 fight, especially against sexism, racism and homophobia. Always ready to advocate for body positivism and equality, the English actress who shares the life of singer James Blake finally coming out of the closet queer.

But queer, that is what it is ? Because the same dictionaries do not define this word came from English. On Wikipedia, for example, we can read that it is “all sexual minorities and gender : people who have a sexuality different to heterosexuality, intersex, transgender”.

In a long message, Jameela Jamil confessed to having been forced to do his coming out queer by the pressure of several twitter : “Twitter is brutal. This is why I’ve never made my coming out queer”. “I added the rainbow to my name when I felt I was ready, years ago,” she added, “because it is not easy to be accepted in the South Asian community (she has an indian father and a mother from pakistan, editor’s note)”.

Jameela Jamil quits Twitter

She had pushed a rant against the product placements, remembering that the celebrities have coaches and private chefs, has always been frank. “I’ve always answered honestly when I asked the question on Twitter,” she stressed, “But I never made any statements because I was afraid that they accuse me of jumping on the bandwagon and suffer, then it is something that has caused me a lot of confusion, fear and torment when I was a child”.

Now openly queer, Jameela Jamil recalled the difficulties that she had to cross before getting there : “In my family, no one was openly ‘out’. And it is also very hard for an actress to open up about his sexuality, especially when there is already a woman racialized thirties”. “This is absolutely not like that I wanted to make my coming out,” she lamented, before announcing his decision to withdraw from Twitter : “I leave the app for some time because I don’t want to see nasty comments. You can keep your opinion”.

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