Jamel Debbouze : 5 things you never knew (maybe) not on the stand-up comedian and actor

Jamel Debbouze : 5 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur l'humoriste et acteur

Jamel Debbouze : 5 things you never knew (maybe) not on the star of the laugh

This Thursday 31 October 2019, you can find Jamel Debbouze in his show Now or Jamel, at 21h05, on M6, follow-up to the documentary In the head of Jamel, at 23h05. A documentary produced by his wife, Melissa Theuriau. The opportunity to deliver you the 5 things that you do not know can not be on the stand-up comedian and actor.

“It was against” the documentary

This documentary, In the head of Jamel, might be produced by his wife Mélissa Theuriau, Jamel Debbouze did not agree to do so, at the beginning. It was his wife who revealed it to the Gala : by ensuring that it “was against” the documentary. Why ? Because the cameras followed him in the creation process of his new show, Now or Jamel, a very personal moment for the comedian. The one who played in the comedy Asterix and Obelix : Mission Cleopatra would regret even agreeing to show up and added half of it : “Now, it is said : ‘But why did I let him do this film ?'” “I think that there it is a little in the phase of regret, but that is legitimate”.

He lost his ways when his wife is in the audience

The one who had assured him that the film The Lion King is better in VF in VO, no doubt because it has double Pole, would be particularly stressed when Melissa Theuriau comes the clap. To the point that it would lose its means on the scene. This is his girlfriend who has made this comment in the same magazine : “He is very curious about my reactions and it may be that I know in the room it puts a little pressure. Where this nickname (the Kryptonite, because it makes them vulnerable, ed)”. Suddenly the mother of his children is forced to come secretly to his representations. “Now I told me more, I just discreetly. I say to everyone : ‘Do not say that I am here’. And in general, it’s going great when it does not know” she said.

He was almost a politician

In addition to his career in comedy and film, Jamel Debbouze has failed to enter politics. He told the JDD have been contacted to be a part of the French government. The one who created the Marrakech du Rire (where the comedians have ratted records on him during the editing 2019) had in fact explained that they had “recently declined the post of secretary of State”. “If I say more, we can notice that,” he added, indicating already do “the work of the ministries of Culture, Youth and Labour” with his Jamel Comedy Club. If he refused, it is because “this is obviously not my job, because I bored to die, because this is where I would be the least efficient, most fixed, and most criticized,” he told RTL.

It “freezes” when his daughter asks him

On the plateau of C à vouson France 5, the father of Leo and Lila had confessed to being a real dad cake. His daughter, a fan of The snow Queen, has even managed to convince him to “freeze” wherever he is when she asks him. So, he can stop once, just to give pleasure to his princess : “She has been doing for months and months. I had freezing and sometimes it started and it did me thawed not and me, because I can’t tell him no, I gelais at the bakery, I gelais at the post office. it was pretty ridiculous but that’s when you have a daughter”.

He hates his feet

On France Inter, Jamel Debbouze has revealed that her biggest complex, so are its feet. “It is not the feet that I have… it is a mixture of lots of things” “The first time I met Melissa, I had sandals… There is stuff that you don’t like us, me, I do not like my feet. When I saw it, I was so impressed by it that I didn’t want to let her see my feet,” he remembered, recalling then that his sweetheart had replied to him : “You don’t have to be ashamed of you, I like everything about you”.

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