James Cameron – 65! The best films of legendary Director

Directed the legendary “Titanic” and “Avatar”

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Джеймсу Кэмерону - 65! Лучшие фильмы легендарного режиссера

James Cameron

Legendary canadian film Director, screenwriter, producer and oceanographer James Cameron, who spoke about the difficulties of shooting a new film, August 16 celebrating her birthday. He turns 65 years old!

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Who have not watched his famous movie “Titanic” with Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet in the lead roles, “Avatar.” We offer you to recall the most memorable films of James Cameron.

“Titanic”, 1997

The film received 11 Academy awards. In the story, young lovers Jack and rose find each other in the first and last voyage “unsinkable” Titanic. They could not know that luxury liner hitting an iceberg in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, and their passionate love will turn into a battle to the death.

“Avatar”, 2009

The film led to the boom of 3D movies in early 2010-ies. 2154 year. Jake Sully – a former marine wounded in Venezuela and confined to a wheelchair. His twin brother, being a scientist, must travel the distance of 4.3 light years to the base of earthlings on the planet Pandora, where the RDA Corporation is mining only the mineral unobtanium, which has a huge commercial value. There live avatars…

“Terminator 2: judgment day”, 1991

The action of the second film is set in 1995. Again arrives from the future terminator T-800, this time he is reprogrammed by the future John Connor and must defend it from the attack of a more advanced terminator model T-1000.

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“The abyss”, 1989

This is a story about how nuclear submarine in the course of research and testing finds an extraterrestrial race. Creatures no animosity are not, however, people do not think so. In the end, all twisted around in order to destroy the warhead, which falls deep into the ocean.

“Aliens”, 1986

The second of a series of films about someone else’s and third in the directorial career of Cameron. Alien — the perfect body. The perfect killing machine whose physical superiority combined with his phenomenal thirst for destruction. Officer Ellen Ripley and the crew of the spacecraft Nostromo once already met with such a creature. In the living there is only Helen.

We will remind, the actor Edward Furlong is back on the big screen in the movie “Terminator: Fatum” (or “Terminator: Dark destiny”). He again will play the son of Sarah Connor.

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Джеймсу Кэмерону - 65! Лучшие фильмы легендарного режиссера

Джеймсу Кэмерону - 65! Лучшие фильмы легендарного режиссера

Джеймсу Кэмерону - 65! Лучшие фильмы легендарного режиссера


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