James Corden, his Carpool Karaoke rigged ? He responds with humor to the charges

James Corden, his Carpool Karaoke rigged ? He responds with humor to the charges

Since a few days, James Corden is the heart of the “controversy” : its pioneering program, the Carpool Karaoke, is accused of being rigged. A video has surprised a lot of people who think that the facilitator does not lead to actually the car. In the Face of this “scandal”, he responded with humor in The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“The accusations are not true”

A simple video can sometimes be the source of a big scandal. James Corden in fact, the experience currently, since he is accused of faking his Carpool Karaoke. It all started when an internet user has posted on Twitter a short sequence, seen over 13 million times, on which one can see the car, with Justin Bieber, who released his new album “Changes” on the 14th of February 2020, and the moderator inside, pulled by a truck. Woe, James Corden, will there be lied to for all this time ? Is he pretending to drive during the program ?

In the Face of all these questions, the actor has explained on the set of The Late Late Show with James Corden : “I was recently the victim of a scandal in the media. There has been serious accusations against me. I decided to confront the rumors. I want to reassure my audience, saying that the accusations are not true. Of course I’m talking about all these people who say that I don’t drive the car ‘Carpool Karaoke’. I hate what I’m about to say, but fake news, okay ?“, has he entrusted to you.

“I always drive the car”

James Corden then tells the reason why the car was towed during the filming : “I know it’s ugly, but I want to say that I am still driving the car except for the sequences where we judge that it is dangerous as when we dance, when we change costumes or… when I’m drunk. In the case of Justin Bieber, it was a question of safety, where it was better to put a car on a trailer. I kept losing myself in his eyes.

The facilitator british fun then the titles of the media to denounce the scandal : “Buzzfeed says ‘James Corden has been unmasked’ (…) The Guardian has written the titlethe biggest lie since the one around father Christmas’. I am shocked to have been able to do something able to annoy people more than cats. People were furious on Twitter. The message that made me the most hurt is when I was called a ‘p*tain of a liar’ (…) I swear that 95% of the time, I put in danger the life of the stars. But it’s still a tv show, so not everything is true. It is the tv and some times, we do things just for the beauty of the entertainment.

And in France ?

After this controversy, people are wondering if Camille Combal led him also to actually drive in the Carpool Karaoke French version. Well, the answer is… “yes”:”Ahaha yes that is me rolling! We can not afford 😂 And miracle I still have 12 points on my licence“, tweeted the ex-columnist of TPMP. A message full of humour !

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