Jane the Virgin : spin-off planned after season 5 ?

Jane the Virgin : des spin-off prévus après la saison 5 ?

Jane the Virgin : spin-offs after the end of the series ?

This is the end… This Tuesday, December 31, Netflix has posted the season 5 of Jane the Virgin, which marks the end of the series with Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni. You will have understood, there will be no season 6 but, after the conclusion of the spin-offs are they in preparation ? Check out the response of the designer.

This summer, Jane the Virgin was to end after 5 seasons and 100 episodes, and the creator, Jennie Snyder Urman, explained his choice for the conclusion of the adventures of Jane and Rafael. It evoked in particular, the identity of the narrator but also the final choice of the heroine. But this is not all as it also spoke of a possible sequel around the universe of Villanueva.

A spin-off cancelled

After the announcement of the end of Jane the Virgin, the CW aired the series in the United States has announced the development of a series derived. Narrated by Gina Rodriguez, this project was supposed to be an anthology that would be an adaptation of the books written by Jane. Marcia Cross aka Bree Van De Kamp in Desperate Housewives was announced in the casting. An ambitious project, and wonder who has finally seen the light of day : the chain has decided not to order the series.

Still a project ?

A disappointment for Jennie Snyder Urman and all the team of Jane the Virgin. But the team board on other projects in the vicinity of the series ? Unfortunately, the answer is no. After the broadcast of the last episode, the creator has entrusted to Deadline about it. Referring to the spin-off non-commissioned, she wrote : “this was what I wanted to do and after the cancellation of the project, I decided to abandon the idea of a spin-off”. However, the CW indicated that it was not closed to a future project of this kind. “This spin-off was not exactly what we wanted. We contacted Jennie and if she wishes, we are very interested to develop another spin-off” had given Mark Pedowitz, president of CW, in may last.

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