Janette Bertrand, star of the year

Janette Bertrand, star of the year

Before knowing Janette Bertrand, I first knew Jean Lajeunesse, her first husband.

I spent part of the strike that Radio-Canada directors started on December 29, 1958 playing bridge with Jean Lajeunesse, Paul Guèvremont and a fourth player, who was not always the same, but that Jean was in charge of recruiting.

No one resisted him. Jean was authoritarian and well built. He spoke so loudly that we seldom dared to contradict him. He left little room for “his” Janette, an adorable little woman in her early thirties. Allowing himself the five years he was older than her, he was not shy about nailing her.

The silence he imposed on her allowed Janette to make such a large supply of words that she never ceased to plead the cause of women in every forum she occupied. Last spring, when Quebeckers were chomping at the bit during the break imposed by Prime Minister François Legault, Janette had a flash of genius. Another !

Write your life

Why should grandmothers and great-grandmothers, isolated at home or cloistered in a deadly CHSLD, not deceive their weariness and death itself by writing down their lives? Janette to then engage in a series of capsules entitled Write your life, broadcast on the internet!

You have to listen to it on YouTube. You will find there a natural Janette and exalted like a teenager, a direct and spontaneous Janette who does not doubt anything, but doubts everything deep down. You will see the curious and candid woman again Janette wants to know, the talkative and sincere host of Speak to speak, the teacher from INIS (the National Institute of Image and Sound) who encouraged so many screenwriters to unlock their talents.

Hundreds of women have so far responded to his calls to write their lives. The adventure takes more and more proportions every day. Janette reads the biographies that are sent to her eagerly, delighted, and a little surprised too, that her idea has sparked such enthusiasm.

The most remarkable texts will enter the museum. With so many other artefacts from our heritage, they will enrich the collection of the Musée de la civilization du Québec and remind new generations of the lives of those of yesterday.

One day Janette will join the real stars. It will then shine for a long time in the skies of Quebec.

A beautiful Christmas story

On Christmas Eve, Radio-Canada’s premier channel broadcast a story created and performed for Christmas by Arnaud Soly, Katherine Levac, Rosalie Vaillancourt, Virginie Fortin and Mehdi Bousaidan. This hour-long show is full of finds, good-natured repartees and absurd humor. You can listen to it by clicking here.

As much as you will enjoy discovering this crazy story, your ears will curl to hear such a bastard language, made up of Joual, barbaric expressions, English words and coronations.

If it is the shameful language that Quebeckers will speak tomorrow, we will have to make up our mind that it will shrink Quebec forever and confine the creativity of its authors and interpreters within our borders. But I will be dead, my brother …

All my wishes for 2021

I wish everyone a happy new year 2021. It should be happier than the one that is ending, because the bar is not high.

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