Janette gives the word to the seniors

Janette donne la parole aux aînés

To 95-year-old Janette Bertrand is sorry to see the place reserved for seniors in québec society. “Nobody wants to hear what they have to say. There is too much “, let it fall. The author is now trying to reverse the trend by encouraging the people of his generation to write their autobiography.

“We don’t give the word to the seniors. However, we would have a lot to learn if we listened to them “, laments Janette Bertrand at the end of the wire.

But far from it the idea of pointing an accusing finger towards the younger generations. The author admits to having itself failed to look more to the past of his mother, while she was still alive.

“I was young, I was not interested. I know now that I was foolish and I regret it. Fortunately, I made it in time and I had the chance to ask my father during his last years, ” she says.

Janette Bertrand admits to suffer the same fate as the people of his generation, feeling “set aside” for several years. She is struggling more to find platforms on which to express themselves, guesting on television and being also the most rare.

However, no trace of bitterness or resentment does not just stain the timbre of her voice when she mentions this situation.

“I have all my head, I know that I am not finished. I have a new novel that comes out this fall and I’ll start to write a new one next month. The public is still there with me, ” she says.

Writing workshops

Strong from two decades of teaching and an autobiography, signed in 2004, Janette Bertrand, therefore, puts his knowledge and experience to the benefit of Québec seniors with Writing their life !, a series of capsules broadcast on the channel MAtv. On the menu : tips, tricks, avenues to explore, and writing techniques to guide those who wish to put down on paper the outlines of their past.

And it is clear that the exercise has been pleased : Janette Bertrand confirmed that he had received some 400 biographies, it is a duty to read.

“Seniors are often very much alone. But Write her life !, it gave them an excuse to call the members of their family, to talk about their memories. And it allowed them to feel important, to know that they will pass on their story to their children and their grandchildren “, she said.

These writings could be made public, a day. Although nothing is yet official, Janette Bertrand, announces that it has approached the Museum of civilization in Quebec city to ensure the sustainability of the testimonies received.

Write her life ! is broadcast on the airwaves of MAtv. The capsules are also accessible on the publisher’s web site.

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