Janssen vaccine authorized again in the country

Janssen vaccine again authorized in the country

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Health Canada again authorized Johnson & amp; s single dose vaccine on Wednesday. Johnson against COVID-19 for adults 18 and over.

“Clinical trials have shown that from two weeks after the single dose, Janssen's COVID-19 vaccine was 66% effective in protecting clinical trial participants from COVID-19,” it writes on the Health Canada website.

Aside from protection against contagion, this vaccine based on viral vectors has above all demonstrated an effectiveness of 85% in the prevention of serious complications and hospitalizations due to virus, the company said in a statement.

It is the only vaccine approved by Health Canada that only requires a single dose to achieve maximum effectiveness. The vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca all require a minimum of two.

The clearance process for Johnson & amp; Johnson was long and laborious.

The vaccine was first cleared in March. Then, at the end of April, 300,000 doses had been rejected by Health Canada because of manufacturing problems at a plant of the subcontractor Emergent Biosolutions, based in Maryland, United States.

Employees had wasted a total of 15 million doses due to a protocol error for a drug substance used in the vaccine.

Health Canada has confirmed that now, “the facility is in accordance with good practice manufacturing. ”

The country currently has 18,900 doses of the vaccine, which were dispatched from Europe on November 10.

“ There is no more Jansen vaccine shipments to be expected at this time, but the Government of Canada continues to work with its provincial and territorial partners to assess the need for additional doses of this vaccine, ”Health Canada reported.

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