Japan: a first university graduate in studies on the ninjas

Japon: un premier diplômé universitaire en études sur les ninjas

TOKYO | university in Japan has recently awarded a very serious master of studies on the ninjas one of his students, a first in the archipelago.

Genichi Mitsuhashi, 45 years, has followed a degree course of two years at the university of Mie, a region considered as the historic birthplace of ninjas, mercenaries and spies in feudal Japan, also martial arts experts.

Beyond historical studies, his degree also included a practical component, that Mr. Mitsuhashi has taken to heart.

“I have learned that the ninjas were working as farmers in the morning and trained in martial arts in the evening”, he explained to the AFP.

The student has therefore grown vegetables and practiced martial arts techniques, in addition to studying the history of ninjas on the benches of the university.

Innkeeper by trade, Mr. Mitsuhashi practice in addition to the kung-fu and shorinji kempo, a martial art nippon, and it actually teaches the fighting techniques of the ninja in her own dojo.

The zeal of Mr. Mitsuhashi to study the ninjas were astonished by her own teachers.

“I was not expecting what he commits to this point,” said to the AFP Yuji Yamada, professor of history and head of the centre of studies on the ninjas of the university of Mie, was created in 2017.

“We welcome approximately three students each year (…). We have a lot of requests from abroad, but I must insist on one point: it is a teaching about ninjas, not to become one”, he stressed.

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