Japan: access restrictions soon lifted for foreign residents, subject to conditions

Japon: restrictions d’accès bientôt levées pour les résidents étrangers, sous conditions

Japan will lift under certain conditions from August 5, the ban on access to its territory for its foreign residents, a measure that aimed to limit the spread of the coronavirus, has announced that the japanese ministry of foreign Affairs.

Nearly 90,000 foreign residents of Japan (including employees of large companies, students or apprentices) are currently stuck outside the archipelago, which prohibits its access to over a hundred countries due to the pandemic.

As of next Wednesday will be permitted to return among these foreign residents who had left the archipelago before their country of destination are not affected by this prohibition of access, according to a press release of the ministry published on Wednesday evening.

For example, those who left Japan for France at the latest on 26 march 2020 will be so eligible, but not those returned to France after that date.

Eligible persons will be required to obtain in advance a certificate issued by the consular authorities of Japan in the country where they are currently located.

They will also be required to present a PCR test is negative at COVID-19 made in the 72 hours before their flight to Japan.

From 1 September, these conditions are restrictive (certification test) will also apply to other categories of foreigners in Japan (permanent residents and long-term, spouses, and foreign children of japanese citizens or permanent residents).

Japanese citizens abroad are allowed to return to their country even if they are located in States affected by the prohibition of access to japanese territory. They are simply invited to observe 15 days of quarantine upon their return.

The european business community and americans had regretted this policy of two weights, two measures of Japan, while recognizing that the fears of the local authorities in the face of the upsurge of the COVID-19 were “understandable”.

Last week, the leaders of the european Council of business (EBC) and the american Chamber of commerce in Japan felt that this difference of treatment between japanese citizens and foreign residents there was “no scientific basis” and could hurt long term the international attractiveness of Japan.

Currently the country does not accept the return of foreign nationals subject to prohibition of return in Japan only in cases of “humanitarian” exceptional (family emergency, etc).

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