Japan blames China for its “misinformation” on the coronavirus

Le Japon blâme la Chine pour sa «désinformation» sur le coronavirus

Japan has accused Tuesday the China of “misinformation” on the coronavirus, and expressed its “serious concerns” over its claims in the south China sea as well as on the islets of Senkaku/Diaoyu, disputed between the two countries.

As they were warmed from the end of 2018, the diplomatic relations between Tokyo and Beijing are again refreshed in recent months, on the background of the dissatisfaction of many countries towards the management of china’s crisis of the coronavirus, then the face of the international outcry aroused by the law safe imposed in Hong Kong.

In its white paper annually on its defence policy published on Tuesday, Japan has accused China of acts of “propaganda” and “disinformation” regarding the coronavirus, which appeared for the first time the end of 2019 in the city of Wuhan, in the centre of the country.

Japan was cited as an example the comments on Twitter, a spokesperson of the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs, who had suggested in march that the COVID-19 would have been brought to Wuhan by the american army, or the promotion of chinese medicinal herbs to treat the disease.

Beijing also has “continued unabated its unilateral actions to impose a change in the status quo on the Senkaku islands”, which are administered by Tokyo.

The two countries claim to be from the chandeliers in their respective sovereignty on this micro-archipelago uninhabited in the east China sea, called Diaoyu by Beijing, and whose seabed would be potentially rich in hydrocarbons.

On Monday, the head of american diplomacy Mike Pompeo said that the claims of Beijing on the offshore resources in the south China sea were “completely illegal, even as its campaign of intimidation to control them”.

The embassy of China in the United States immediately denounced the “accusations are completely unjustified”.

The defense white paper of Japan has also mentioned the persistence of the north Korean threat, recalling that Pyongyang is now able to miniaturize nuclear warheads for use on ballistic missiles.

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