Japan: the coronavirus causes a fall in the price of the melons of luxury auction

Japon: le coronavirus fait chuter le prix des melons de luxe aux enchères

TOKYO | A pair of melons top of the range japanese was sold on Monday at auction for the price of 120 000 yen (1 557 $), the equivalent of a thin slice only of those that were removed last year to five million yen (64 to $ 888), a pandemic requires.

Those melons of Yubari on the northern island of Hokkaido, renowned the world saw the first auction of the season their value reduced to less than one-fortieth of the last year’s record, accurate to the japanese news agency Kyodo.

A manager of the wholesale market explained this steep fall by the fact that the pandemic away from the business clientele easy which usually raises the bid to arrogate to itself the prestige of carrying the fruit, the most expensive.

With the virus, the auction of this year have been less popular and by a public less silver.

The winner of the auction wished to show its appreciation and express its support to local farmers, according to the japanese news agency Kyodo.

The wholesale market has been closed since April 20 in the framework of measures taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, but it has held a single sale to support the local products.

Hokkaido, the large northern island of Japan known for its agriculture and its tourism sector has recorded a high number of infections with the sars coronavirus as well as the major urban centres are Tokyo as well as Osaka and Kyoto, in the west of the country.

Hokkaido is, with Tokyo and its region, the last part of Japan is still under a state of emergency, which is expected to be lifted Monday in these two areas.

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