Japan's Emperor Emeritus treated for heart failure

Japan's Emeritus Emperor Treated for Heart Failure< /p> UPDATE DAY

Akihito, the 88-year-old Emperor Emeritus of Japan, suffers from heart failure but his condition is stable and he is now being treated for the condition, the Home Agency announced on Tuesday. imperial. 

The diagnosis was made last month during a routine medical check-up of Akihito, who abdicated in 2019 due to age and declining health for the benefit of his son Naruhito.

An abnormal increase in his heart was then observed, as well as pleural effusion, a spokesman for the House Agency told AFP. imperial.

Further examinations in a Tokyo hospital concluded that there was right ventricular heart failure. The Emperor Emeritus “is under treatment now and is recovering,” the spokesperson added.

In early 2020, Akihito had suffered from discomfort and briefly lost consciousness, but no an anomaly had been detected.

He underwent surgery in 2003 for prostate cancer, underwent coronary bypass surgery in 2012 and also suffered from cerebral anemia towards the end of his long reign (1989-2019).

This emperor, appreciated in Japan for his empathy, especially towards the victims of natural disasters, shocked and moved the nation by expressing his desire to abdicate in 2016.

The Japanese government had to pass an emergency law authorizing him alone to leave the throne of the Chrysanthemum during his lifetime, a first in Japan for two centuries.