Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) reacts to his arrest, his role in the series threatened ?

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) réagit à son arrestation, son rôle dans la série menacé ?

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) reacts to his arrest, his role in the series threatened ?

Jared Padalecki has recently taken advantage of his free time between two shoots for the season 15 of Supernatural for a fight in a bar and get arrested. What to do rise to a controversy which he had just react, without to much worry his role in the series.

Jared Padalecki reacts after his arrest

Last October 27, Jared Padalecki – the executor of Sam Winchester in the series Supernatural, was arrested at Austin (Texas) after he struck two employees of a bar while he was drinking. And waiting for his summons to the palace of justice on 18 November to face two counts of assault, the comedian has (finally) officially to react on Twitter.

However, don’t expect an apology for his behavior. You can find below, Jared Padalecki has just preferred to thank his relatives rather than to make amends : “I want to sincerely thank my family and my friends for all your love and support. I am very sad to have missed the Supernatural Family at the DC Con (convention in Washington, ed’s note) but I hope to see you all soon“.

His role under threat ?

A surprise ? Not really. Deadline assures us “this arrest will not affect his work on season 15 of Supernatural. He will resume his work this week“. Similarly, Jensen Ackles – the interpreter of Dean Winchester, his brother in the series, for his part, took advantage of his presence at the DC Con to joke about this case.

In the Face of many fans present in front of him, the actor has first confessed : “My grand and stupid friend we miss you all. He spent a bad week. It handles what it needs to manage, let’s send him all our support and love“, before adding more lightly : “I’ve escorted in handcuffs, we had fun. The entire team [of the series] wanted to wear orange prisoners, but we have not been able to have them at the time“.

If his role in Supernatural, which will end at the end of the season 15, therefore, is not threatened in spite of this case, the question is whether the CW will support the player until the end. We found out recently, Jared Padalecki is supposed to embody Walker Texas Ranger in a new series on the channel. However, his behavior goes against the values of the character.

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