Jarry (Mask Singer) insulted, he wants to leave Twitter : “The hate and obscurantism me tired”

Jarry (Mask Singer) insulté, il veut quitter Twitter : "La haine et l'obscurantisme me fatiguent"

Jarry (Mask Singer) wants to leave Twitter : “The hate and obscurantism me tired”

After Agathe Auproux, Issa Doumbia, or even Karine Le Marchand, Jarry will he be the next celebrity to quit Twitter ? A few days after the violent criticism of an elected county about his private life, the investigator of Mask Singer has announced his intention to leave the social network.

This is two weeks now that the Tweeters are seeking to know who is hiding behind the bee, the unicorn, the lion or even the cupcake… Since its launch on November 8, 2019 on TF1, the new emission Mask Singer has intrigued viewers, but also the 4 members of the ‘jury’, of which Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry. But if this show brings a bit of madness and a good mood on the social network, the hatred is still very present… and Jarry would have made the costs.

Jarry tired by “hatred and obscurantism”

“I think about leaving Twitter soon.”, he announced before explaining : “The hatred and obscurantism me tired ! Do you find projects that unite people rather than criticize and throw up on your fellow man ! Me, I like the other”. A decision taken a few days after the determination of an elected county which accused him of having met “a caprice slave” in having recourse to the GPA.

The investigator of Mask Singer wants to leave Twitter

On the 13th of November last, Thierry Devige, delegate department of the RN in the Val-de-Marne wrote : “In the series ‘I’m an offender and I boast about it’, after Marc-Olivier Fogiel and Christophe Beaugrand, here is Jarry who comes to her caprice of slavery : the purchase of children from GPA”. To which the comedian replied : “Thank you for your message of love and encouragement ! I will vote for you“. The investigator of Mask Singer will not be the first nor the last to make the decision to leave the social network : Heloise Martin, Demi Lovato, EnjoyPhoenix, Agathe Auproux, Issa Doumbia, Sarah Drew, Karine Le Marchand… many have said stop the hate !

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