Jason Momoa – 40! The best role the stars of “Game of thrones”

The actor became famous not only thanks to the role of khal Drogo in “Game of thrones”

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Джейсону Момоа - 40! Лучшие роли звезды "Игры престолов"

Jason Momoa

Your birthday on the first day of August marks the star of the series “Game of thrones” Jason Momoa. The actor turns 40 years!

Learn all about the trends in the series: how to treat and how dangerous they:

In any series played by Momoa, who changed his image, see in our traditional selection.


“Stargate: Atlantis”

Momoa played from the second to the fifth season. The actor played the role of a resident of the Pegasus galaxy, warrior and weapons expert Ronon Dex. The series consists of five seasons, the events of the TV series happen in the Universe of Stargate, the rights to which are owned by MGM.

“Game of thrones”

In this project, Jason Momoa played khal Drogo – leader of the nomadic dothraki. He played in the first season, but appeared in the second as the vision of the heroine Emilia Clarke – Daenerys Targaryen. The role of the brutal savage with bulging muscles just struck half of our planet.


Momoa played a major role Declan harp. The plot — the story of trapper-of-breed Declan’s harp, which seeks to break the monopoly of the Hudson’s Bay Company for the fur trade in Canada, to take revenge on the British for the death of his wife and son.

Recall that Jason Momoa will play in Dune. The Director of the new film will perform Denis Villeneuve.

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