Jason Momoa single: Amber Heard at the origin of his break-up? The rumor swells

Aquaman trailer starring Jason Momoa: Is Amber Heard behind Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's divorce? Jason Momoa has joined the singles club: this week, the DC star who will reprise his role in Aquaman 2 (in theaters late 2022) announced his separation from his wife, Lisa Bonet. A break after 17 years of living together which surprised his fans. On the web, some already accuse Amber Heard to whom he gives the reply in the saga of DC to be at the origin of this separation.

And another couple goes to dust… Together since 2005, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced their separation on Instagram. The actor and his wife, married since 2017 and parents of two children, have decided to divorce but clarified in the post announcing their separation: “The love between us continues, it evolves (…) We let's free each other to be what we learn to become”. A separation that shocked more than one. And since then, rumors are starting to circulate about the reasons for this separation… and they have a connection with Amber Heard.

Many Internet users do not really have the star in their hearts. The one who plays Mera in Aquaman (she will be back for the 2nd film despite a petition asking for her dismissal), is still at the heart of a legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp who was fired from the Fantastic Beasts saga because of this affair.

Amber Heard at the origin of the divorce from Jason Momoa?

< p>Since the announcement of Jason Momoa's divorce, some Internet users have named a supposed culprit: Amber Heard. On Twitter, some accuse the actress of being at the origin of the separation of the actor, announced when the filming of Aquaman 2 has just ended. In tweets, Internet users recall that Johnny Depp met Amber Heard on the set of the filmRhum express, shot in 2009 and released in 2012, and that the actor announced their separation from Vanessa Paradis… in June 2012. “Jason Momoa leaving his wife after a movie with Amber Heard. Johnny Depp must have a good laugh” posted a user. And he is not the only one to be convinced that the actress would have a link in this separation.

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So, info or intox? For now, it's hard to say. The two stars have not reacted to the rumors. But some American sites (not really known for their reliability you have to l ' confess) explained that Amber Heard was seen flirting with the actor on the set of Aquaman 2. Lisa Bonet was rumored to have been jealous of this rapprochement and wanted to put some distance between her husband and Amber Heard. Information to be obviously taken with very large tweezers.

Since January 2020, Amber Heard, who welcomed her first child in 2021, was in couple with Bianca Butti. But according to The Mirror, the actress and the cinematographer would have separated in December 2021. Coincidence? Case to follow…

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