Jay-Z during a concert staged Beyonce surprise: vivid video

The rapper congratulated the star wife happy birthday

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Джей-Зи во время концерта устроил Бейонсе сюрприз: яркое видео

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Once again the famous American family Jay-Z and Beyonce surprised fans with his romantic relationships. Despite the fact that both artists live in a crazy tour schedule, the husband of famous singer does not forget to make his beloved wife a surprise.

On the eve of the birthday of Beyonce, who the star will celebrate on September 4, Jay-Z during a performance at a music festival “Made In America” in Philadelphia, decided to surprise his beloved star with the help of the audience, who at the end of the concert began to clap loudly and shout, “happy birthday!”. Then behind the scenes to Beyonce assistants artist made a huge cake with sparklers, and the Jay-Z was holding a bottle of champagne. The entire team of artist star sang birthday song.

37-year-old diva R&B was pleasantly surprised and thanked everyone for the congratulations. Posted a video in Instagram in addition to the positive emotions aroused in the subscribers interest – not whether Beyonce is pregnant with third child? Because HR can see barely rounded tummy.

Note that before the Internet rumors about a possible pregnancy for Beyonce.

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