Jazz at the moonlight on Maguire

Du jazz au clair de lune sur Maguire

There will be jazz on Saturday on avenue Maguire. The Marie-Claire Lintel Quartet will provide a spectacle in the evening, on the 4th of July, to the place Charles-H. Blais.

A performance in a cabaret in the moonlight with the public, without cars and with a seating capacity limited to 50, to comply with the rules formulated by public health.

This initiative established by the Society for the commercial development of the street Maguire, and the agency Arte Boréal will be followed by a second evening, if all goes well, on Tuesday, July 14.

Spectators are welcome to go and purchase of meals and alcohol in the formula to take home with the restaurateurs of avenue Maguire. The service will begin at 20: 30.

Marie-Claire Lintel will launch on Saturday with his quartet, this short series of outdoor concerts. The singer will celebrate the music and american jazz with his show Born on 4 July. It will feature american standards and it will also provide adaptations of pieces by Herbie Hancock, Al Jarreau and Michael Jackson.

Bassist Carl Mayotte, which is part of his training, has been named Revelation Radio-Canada 2020-2021, with his album Fantosme. One will also find Dayron Luis San Muguercia to the conga and Olivier Bussières on drums and percussion.

On 14 July, Laura Godin will celebrate the French national holiday. The singer and composer will offer, as a trio of French melodies with songs of Yves Montand, Yves Duteil and Edith Piaf. Marie-Claire Lintel will make a presence as a guest.

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