Jazz, her son Cayden in hospital after a drowning in their pool : his explanations in tears

Jazz, in tears, tells the story of the accident of her son, Cayden, who drowned in their swimming pool

Since a few days, Cayden, the son of Jazz and Laurent is in hospital : he had apparently drowned in their swimming pool and he would be currently in the icu. In order to respond to the questions, the ex-candidate of the Angels 8 explains, in tears, what really happened during the accident and give news of his son.

While Jazz and Laurent are now the season 2 of their show the JLC Family, they have got the fright of their lives this week. According to information from the Public, and their son, Cayden “has been admitted to the emergency ward following a serious drowning occurred in their home” : “we can affirm that the little Cayden has been in a coma for several hours and would be currently in the icu, “explains the site. It is Laurent who would have pulled out his son from the water “before performing a mouth-to-mouth“. The parents of the bundle of joy, eight-month-old were concerned about their subscribers by posting photos taken at the hospital.

“My son fought for,”

Four days after the accident, Jazz decides to speak, to tell herself that it actually happened, and to restore the truth : “I spent the worst days of my life (…) I spent four days to be an emotional lift between to throw myself on the floor screaming for God to come to the assistance of my son, crying all the tears of my body, to be the happiest in the world by learning good news (…) I was so destitute, I was so unhappy. I had the impression that I ripped out the heart. It was the worst moments of my life.

The ex-candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 2 was then asked on Snapchat : “My son was beaten (…) One is in intensive care for four days. I do not have the right to cry because my son is fine. It was a warrior. Now, I’m going to tell you what happened (…) It leaves me no choice, it speaks to my place. It was in the filming of the JLC Family 2. It was home to Dubai, it was 8: 45 roughly (…) Cayden does not know how to walk, he was not thrown into the pool. He was in the house with his walker with all the world. I do not know for what reasons, the bay window was open.

“Laurent has saved his son”

In tears, Jazz continues : “Cayden is out with his trotter, he had to follow the dog and he fell in the pool. I was up talking with my production. Laurent quickly realized that his son was not in the living room. He looked around and he saw he was in the pool. It has been a super-hero. He jumped into the water, he recovered his son and he has done everything to bring him back to life. It has made him the mouth-to-mouth, he made gestures of relief. The neurologist at the hospital told us that if Lawrence had not made the first aid to the perfection, Cayden would no longer be alive. Laurent has saved his son, ( … ), The rescue arrived very quickly. Our life stopped. My son is there. It gets better, it breathes. His heart works and his brain is not affected.

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