Jealous dog came up with a fun way to attract attention

Ревнивая собака придумала забавный способ привлечь внимание

The dog decided to pretend to be sick.

Twitter user Chloe Copley published a video where one of the dogs her father specifically pretending to be sick to get the attention of the owner, reports the with reference for Today.

Judging by the video, the dog was jealous of the host to the fellow who paid too much attention due to his sick ears. To get their portion of petting, the dog decided to ask for medicine for himself.

“My dog gets needed medication for the ears, and the second thinks that it, too, she must… no One dares to tell him that it’s a sham…” – explained the girl.

The movie has collected more than eight million views and received more than 800 thousand likes.

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